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The Voice of the Unheard

Nariman Almasri

The Israeli occupation has started since 1948 , or in other words the catastrophe to Palestinians.
Leaving a lot of scenes in our grandparents’ minds and memories, they have the real narrative, oppression, crimes, siege, how to find shelters and finally they found themselves refugees in many countries like Jordan.
Dispossession happened to many Palestinians, they spread in different parts of the world, but they kept their identity, patriotism, the keys to their houses, and the dream of coming back in their hearts.

Some Palestinians are still there in their country, the Israeli occupation couldn’t remove them -yet- .
We all have roots , all our roots are the guide , so we feel , and cry with the Palestinian people.

Zionists are claiming to seek co-existence, and that they only desired peace after what happened to them in the holocaust, but in reality, they only desired domination, and they don’t have the least respect for their ancestors’ suffering in the holocaust, now they are doing worse than what the Nazis did, massacres, killing and destroying,building their own colonies, brutalization of the Palestinians, genocide , ethnic cleansing , demolishing air strikes, and they have the audacity to spread disinformation and propaganda everywhere, but you can see the truth if you decide to.

Palestinians existed way before “Israel” was founded, we have our uneraseable history.

Gaza is in a hard situation, there are many kids and elderly people being killed every day, every hour and every minute.

No help, no voices heard…

They dehumanize Palestinians, they can’t see civilians or kids, and Israeli continues to victimize itself although they have all the power and support from the Greatest powers in the world. A lot of people believe them and many of them are neutral.

It’s beyond my comprehension how people can lean towards killing, how they can see killed kids, injured people and remain unbothered

Our hearts hurt us , and we can’t do anything but to be their voice that was never heard..

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