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No escape

Abdu Morkos AbdEl Malak

No escape

Do not try To escape

It is your destiny

I’m your destiny

You are mine

Yes, I’m guilty ,ugly, old and hateful

However, I think that one day

I might do a good thing

or my mom prayed for me so God rewarded me

He made you fall in my love

and I think you once made your mom angry

So God punished you and I became your destiny

do not escape nor try even death

would never solve it

when I die your heart would be my tomb

so do not go where my body ,

ll be buried and weep there,

do not shed tears

do not light candles nor put flowers on my cemetery ,

shrine just put your hands on your heart you will find me there .

go , look at your mirror you will see me smiling for you ,

touch your body you would feel my warm breathe on your skin

I’m in you

I’m you Death would not solve it


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ايفان سمان

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